Character Death Policy

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Character deaths happen. Sometimes these events may be unexpected and abrupt, and in the case of a long-played or favorite character, character death can be pretty jarring. Players should remember that in a game centered on interactions and shared story-telling, where supernatural threats can strike without warning, IC actions can and will lead IC consequences. In some cases these consequences can end in a PC death. Players should also remember that some concepts are more at risk than others, and that by playing a high risk concept they should be prepared to say goodbye to the PC.

When it comes to PK, staff asks that players remember that in cases where a character’s death is a possibility, they should make every effort to play these situations out to the best of their ability. After all, this is just a game.

Also please keep in mind that:

  • Staff will never support the PK of offline characters for any reason.
  • Rage quits will not be tolerated. If a player feels that their PC is being unjustly attacked, they should immediately ask for a time stop and contact staff to have the log of the event reviewed before involved PCs move forward with further RP.
    • Those wishing to have the PK reviewed should look here.

It is important to note that the staff do not support the pointless killing of PCs. Plot or PrP deaths should be restricted to NPCs unless all involved parties agree to the event /before/ it occurs. Additionally, remember that all deaths count, including the deaths of NPCs. Please don't leave trails of bodies, be the PCs or NPCs, and not expect to draw potentially unwanted attention.