Overdone and Prohibited Concept Policy

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Every game has concepts that are either heavily over-represented or outright refused. Many of these things should come as common sense. A group or concept written specifically to act as an antagonistic element should never exist as a player-character, but sometimes lines get blurred. This file is here to help keep things transparent and clear. Below players will find a list of both prohibited concepts as well as the games over-done concepts. Keep in mind that the over-done concepts are mostly suggestions, unless noted by a (*), at which point that is staffs marker to say absolutely no more of that concept will be accepted until the population stabilizes.

Players should check back on occasion, as this file may change on occasion. Also players should remember that this is a small, 1 splat game, so balance is integral. Any questions can always be directed to any available staffer.


Restricted concepts are concepts that staff will not be approving for player-characters in any form. These types of concepts can upset the balance of power on a game, especially in regards to supernatural concepts listed below.

  • None At This Time
  • Overdone/Closed

    Overdone character types are character types that are presently represented ICly in overabundance, or those that tend to be overdone in games in general. Concepts that are found on this list should be avoided if at all possible, but are not truly considered restriction. Staff encourage players to find concepts that are not already heavily represented. If a player must app a concept listed below, they should be prepared to include some justification as to what the character will bring to the game.

  • None At This Time