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By playing on a game set in the world of darkness, players should come in with the understanding that they may encounter situations that are less than family friendly. From graphic violence to dark themes and even character death, lots of bad things happen in these types of settings. For this reason the game should be considered to be R-rated. Despite this, we are still a public venue and host many players, all with unique tastes and personal preferences. For this reason we have outlined a few rules.

  • For no reason should scenes including explicit sexual content be posted to the game's wiki. Also, any scenes including this type of content should be played out in private rooms /only/. We do not permit the solicitation of scenes with explicit sexual content. Do not page players asking for this type of RP. Do not ask for this type of RP on channel. Take part in it sure, but do so with respect for the rest of the game. No one needs to know your dirty secrets. Repeated reports of a player attempting to solicit sexual RP from players will result in banning.
  • The world of darkness is a very bad place. The world is literally out to get you. People are killed in violent ways. Monsters roam the shadows. Creatures straight out of your nightmares are trying to claw their way back to the land of the living. All of these things are reasons why players should not be surprised to discover that, like R-rated movies, games of this nature may be full of depictions of violence and horror. All of that having been said, comfort is important to us and players should always feel safe. If there is a type of RP that a player simply cannot abide by, it should be noted clearly in their +Prefs. It is up to a player to make sure that they do not engage in RP that violates their +Prefs. Staff do not expect adult players to expect hand-holding in this regard. If a player cannot stomach extremely gory scenes, they should take care not to engage in situations that may result in extremely gory scenes.
  • Please keep in mind while playing here on the game, that though staff do side with the majority in these types of situations, players should always make an effort to be aware of the comfort levels of the people they are interacting with. Communicate. Be compassionate. Be Mature. For no reason should someone's discomfort be mocked or used as a means of harassment or taunting. Remember that at the end of the day every player is a person. Let's keep this game a safe OOC environment for people to have fun.