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Some Merits and RP stats require more than just being selected in CG. Some require and explanation or justification, while others may require a little more in-depth information. If a character has any of the following merits on their +sheet, they should have a corresponding note to explain it's relation to the concept. This information is required for approval, and may also require updating as characters develop. Below we have listed the merits and elements that require notes or templates to be set.

Template Required

The merits below require the setting of a template. Templates allow staff and players to neatly format a merit or character aspect as well as allows important information to be neatly stored for use by admin or STs.

  • Allies, Core, p. 114
  • Contacts, Core, p. 114
  • Mentor, Core, p. 114
  • Retainer, Core, p. 114
  • Notes Required

    The merits below simply require a quick notation on the merit and how/why/where/what the merit is. Please make sure that these merits are supported by your background.

  • Fame, Core, p. 114
  • Natural Immunity, Core, p. 113
  • To Set: +Note/Add Me/<Title>=<Explanation>

    Example: +Note/Add Me/Fame=<Explanation>