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In regards to our wiki policy, there are only 4 rules.

  1. Absolutely no 'non-work friendly' images may be included on, or linked to, this wiki.
  2. No more than 2 moving images (gifs) per page.
  3. Only 10 images may be used per character page. This includes icons, banners, character pictures and of course, galleries.
  4. Do not make pages for 'Potential Characters'. Only pages of approved concepts should appear on this wiki.

To gain access to the wiki, players will need to request a wiki login once they have been approved. To request a wiki login players should be prepared to provide a working email and at least 2 preferred login-in names. Staff ask players /not/ use the name of their characters as logins. To request a login, players should use "+Request Wiki Login=<Description>"

  • Only one log-in per player.