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In a world of supernatural creatures, more often than not, mortals find themselves overlooked. While it's perfectly understandable, Welcome to the mortal sphere. This is perhaps the simplest of the character types permitted. It is also the easiest character type for players looking to ease into learning WoD or the game itself. Though mortals come with no special powers, they should not be completely ignored. Mortals are just as cunning and dangerous as any other creature, and can make valuable allies.

Important Notes

  • Starting XP: 150 points
  • Mortals can undergo a 'becoming' through RP.
  • Sphere Resources

  • Mortal Application Guide
  • Mortal Merits & Flaws
  • Mortal House Rules
  • Inner-Sphere Closures

  • None
  • Recent Announcements

  • None at this time.