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Character applications on Carpe Noctem are submitted via email. Despite the unorthadox approach, staff hope to make this process as painless as possible. By following the steps provided in your spheres Application Guide, the application process should be fairly easy for even the newest player.

Step 1: Create the Character Bit

Please be sure to have fully settled on your characters name before you begin the application process. Changing a bit name once an application has been submitted can cause unnecessary confusion for staff and will hinder the approval process.

Step 2: Register the Character Bit

All characters must be registered before their applications will be reviewed. Registration for a character bit is very simple but will require that all characters belonging to a player be submitted using the same email address. This email address is completely private and visible only to application staff. This email will be used for application submissions, registering future alts, as well as for wiki access. Staff will not accept additional emails for any reason. For more information on this, please see the Help Registration file.

Step 3: Begin the Application

Once you have created your bit and registered it, players are free to begin their application following the rules outlined in their spheres Application Guide. Each application guide has been written specifically for that sphere, making it the best source of information pertaining to that spheres application standards as well as any changes that may have been made to the application process. Naturally staff are always happy to help with any questions players may have. These questions can be @mailed or asked on the Application Channel.

Application Guides: Mortal Application GuidePsychic Application guideHedge Magician Application GuideGhoul Application GuideVampire Application GuideKinfolk Application GuideGarou Application Guide

Step 4: Submit the Application

Once the application has been completed and the player is happy with it, the app can be emailed to the staff email which can be located at the bottom of the Application Guide. To avoid problems with an application, players should be sure to follow all steps and instructions laid out in the guide, as well as include all of the required information. Once the application has been submitted, players should expect to hear from staff within 24 to 48 hours. Please do not page or contact staff asking about application wait-times before the 48 hour window has passed. Applications are worked on in the order in which they are received.

Creation Topics


  • Attributes
  • Abilities
  • B

  • Backgrounds
  • C


  • Demeanors
  • Derangements
  • Disciplines
  • E

  • Equipment
  • Explanations
  • F


  • Gifts
  • H

  • Hedge Magician Flaws
  • Hedge Magician Merits
  • Hedge Magician Paths
  • I





  • Mortal Merits
  • N

  • Nature
  • Numina
  • O


  • Paper Trail
  • Paths of Enlightenment
  • Psychic Flaws
  • Psychic Merits
  • Q


  • Rites
  • S

  • Specialties
  • T


  • Universal Flaws
  • Universal Merits
  • V

  • Virtues
  • W

  • Willpower
  • X