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The registration system is in place to help staff and players better monitor activity, alts and XP. Using this system is required, but it doesn't have to be complicated. When setting up your first character make sure that you use the email you intend to register all of your alts with. Players are permitted only one account. If you're uncomfortable placing your normal email in this system, make use of a free email provider such as gmail. A working email is required for game play, but it is completely private and accessible only to wizards and yourself.

Next remember to pick an ID that you can easily remember. Online handles are great for this. Like emails, this is completely private and accessible only to wizards and yourself. You will use both your email and your ID to register all alts. This will also allow you to manage your XP, sharing it between your alts. Players can also choose to donate XP to others with the use of a simple command.

Below is a list of commands and helpful tips in using the registration code.

For New Players

Use: +Register/New (ID)=(Email)

Example: +Register/New

If you have zero alts on the game, frozen or active, you are considered a new player who has no registration ID. You will use the above command to set up your ID and register your first alt. You only need to use one command to do all of this.

For Returning/Active Players

Use: +Register (ID)=(Email)

Example: +Register

If you have had, or currently have a character on the game, frozen or active, then you have a handle and are registered. Players may not have more than one registration. This is game policy. If you have forgotten this information we have provided means to allow you to look it up.

Forget Registration Info?

Use: +XP

This command does a lot. One of the things it allows is for a player to view their registration information such as their ID and email, as well as any XP they may have earned. This command can only be used while logged into the new character.

Any additional problems can be directed to the staff. Never be afraid to reach out for help.