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In a world of supernatural creatures, more often than not, mortals find themselves overlooked. While it's perfectly understandable, The world of the kindred is divided into many factions, but of those factions two hold the most power and influence over the worlds Kindred. These factions are the Camarilla and the Sabbat. Conflicting political opinions and core beliefs between the two factions has spiraled into wars for as long as kindred can remember. Cities rise and fall in the shadows of these two factions, and the city Covington is no different.

Here on CN we allow Camarilla & Independent

Important Notes

  • Characters receive 50 starting XP.
  • Applicable Factions: Camarilla & Independent.
  • Age is capped at 300 years existence.
  • Generation modified by House rules.
  • Sphere Resources

  • Vampire Application Guide
  • Vampire Merits & Flaws
  • Vampire Disciplines
  • Vampire House Rules
  • Sphere Demographics

  • Sphere Status : Open
  • Inner-Sphere Closures : None
  • Recent Announcements

  • None at this time.

  • The Camarilla

    In a world of supernatural creatures, more often than not, mortals find themselves overlooked. While it's perfectly understandable, The Camarilla is generally made up of 7 main clans, which are Clan Brujah, Clan Gangrel, Clan Malkavian, Clan Nosferatu, Clan Toreador, Clan Tremere, and Clan Ventrue. Though these clans are the heart of the Camarilla and make up the Primogen Council. Other clans can also belong to the Camarilla, such as Clan Assamite and the Clanless Caitiff. Despite their presence and contribution to the Camarilla, Clan Assamite do not officially possess a seat on the Primogen Council.

    Within the city of Covington, the Camarilla has been a strong and somewhat stable power for over 350 years, having fended off countless hunter cells and Sabbat invasions on multiple occasions. This comfort came to an end approximately 150 years ago after the acting Prince Kimball fell into torpor, resulting in the splintering off faction of a new city: Kingsford. In modern nights tensions have been escalating between the once sister cities of Covington and Kingsford, each with competing Camarilla courts, leaving experienced kindred somewhat concerned, if only silently, with the city's future.

    Camarilla Positions

  • Prince: Nicodemus Gray
  • Seneschal: Pending
  • Sheriff: Pending
  • Harpy: Pending
  • Keeper of Elysium: Angelina Kelly
  • Scourge: Unlisted
  • Primogen

  • Brujah: Rosemarie Gonzalez
  • Gangrel: Tommie Reid
  • Malkavian: Jo Frank
  • Nosferatu: Essie Davis
  • Toreador: Stuart Marshall
  • Tremere: Janis Chambers
  • Ventrue: Cesar Nguyen
  • Assamite: Pending

  • The Independents

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