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Every game has rules and policies by which the game is ran. While Carpe Noctem has no interest in becoming a police stat, we do strive to maintain a safe gaming environment for players. Remember that by logging into the game, players are agreeing to follow the games rules and policies, so it's a good idea to check out the files below before you hit the grid.

This page acts as a holding place for the games various policies. This page has been made available for players who may not have any interest in spamming themselves with text on their clients. Additionally, sometimes it's easier to reference a secondary source. You may find that some of this information is repeated across files, this is just to maintain consistency and keep things as informative as possible.

Players are asked to report any typos found. Also, players should never be afraid to ask questions. Staff are always ready to help.


  • Actions & Consequences Policy
  • Alternate Character Policy
  • B


  • Channel Policy
  • Character Death Policy
  • COI Policy
  • Complaint Policy
  • Consent Policy
  • D

  • Discipline Policy
  • E

  • Event Policy
  • Experience Policy
  • F

  • Freezer Policy
  • Fade to Black Policy
  • G

  • Graphic Content Policy
  • H

  • Harassment Policy
  • I

  • Idle Policy
  • J





  • New Character Grace Policy
  • NPC Policy
  • O

  • OOC Etiquette Policy
  • OOC Masquerade
  • Overdone & Prohibited Concept Policy
  • P

  • PK Petitions Policy
  • Played-By Policy
  • Player-Run-Plot Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Q


  • Respec Policy
  • Retcon Policy
  • S

  • Staff Policy
  • T



  • Vacation Policy
  • W

  • Wiki Policy
  • X