Privacy Policy

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Everyone, be they player or staff, has the right to privacy.

Staff will never, under any circumstances, divulge the personal information of a player or staff member, including but not limited to: email addresses, IP addresses, or alternate characters. Staff members are not permitted to linger on the grid while dark with intention of spying on players, and should utilize the dark setting only when idling or working. Coded 'listening devices' are not permitted without express permission of all involved parties. Players or staff found to be abusing this will be asked to leave the game.

The only exception to the above rule is in situations where IC means are being taken, such as in cases where powers are employed. In these cases, staff will step in to ensure that everything remains respectful and that only IC information is revealed.

In addition to the above rules, staff also want to make it clear that this game does not support or condone the use of public shaming. Should a player be reported for an offense, or need to be addressed by a staffer, the staffer will page or @mail the player.