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Information pertaining to specialties can be located in VtM, page 96.

Ability Type Source Possible Specialties
Academics Knowledge VtM, p. 107 Impressionist Painting, Imperial Rome, Color Theory, Linguistics
Alertness Talent VtM, p. 100 Noises, Eavesdropping, Fine Details, Hidden Weapons, Crowds, Forests, Animals
Animal-Ken Skill VtM, p. 103 Dogs, Attack Training, Big Cats, Horses, Farm Animals, Falconry
Athletics Talent VtM, p. 100 Climbing, Dancing, Juggling, Running, Swimming, Thrown Objects, Tumbling
Awareness Talent VtM, p. 100 Ghostly Activity, Mystical Objects, Someone’s In My Head, Debunking
Brawl Talent VtM, p. 101 Grappling, Dirty Fighting, Strikes, Throws, Submission Holds
Computer Knowledge VtM, p. 108 Computer Languages, Internet, Database Administration, HCI, Viruses, Specific Programs
Crafts Skill VtM, p. 104 Pottery, Sewing, Home Repair, Carpentry, Appraisal, Carburetors
Drive Skill VtM, p. 104 Off-Road, Motorcycles, High Speed, Heavy Traffic, Avoiding Traffic Cops
Empathy Talent VtM, p. 101 Emotions, Insight, Motives, Gaining Trust
Etiquette Skill VtM, p. 104 Elysium, Business, High Society, Camarilla Protocol
Expert Knowledge Knowledge VtM, p. 110 Archaeology, Game Theory, Military Science, Psychology
Expression Talent VtM, p. 101 Acting, Writing, Impromptu, Conversation, Social Media
Finance Knowledge VtM, p. 108 Stock Market, Laundering, Appraisal, Foreign Currencies, Accounting, Fencing, Corporations
Firearms Skill VtM, p. 104 Fast-Draw, Gunsmithing, Pistols, Marksmanship, Revolvers, Shotguns
Hobby Talent Talent VtM, p. 103 Suggested Hobby Talents: Carousing, Diplomacy, Fortune Telling, Negotiation, Scrounging
Intimidation Talent VtM, p. 102 Threats, Pulling Rank, Physical Coercion, Blackmail, Internet, Politics, Staredowns
Investigation Knowledge VtM, p. 108 Forensics, Shadowing, Search, Discolorations, Database Research, Paper Trails
Larceny Skill VtM, p. 105 Safecracking, Misdirection, Lockpicking, Hotwiring, Pickpocketing
Law Knowledge VtM, p. 108 Criminal, Suits, Courtroom Protocol, Contracts, Police Procedure, the Traditions
Leadership Talent VtM, p. 102 Oratory, Compelling, Friendly, Multimedia
Medicine Knowledge VtM, p. 109 Emergency Care, Poison Treatments, Pathology, Pharmaceuticals, the Kindred Condition
Melee Skill VtM, p. 105 Knives, Swords, Improvised Weaponry, Disarms
Occult Knowledge VtM, p. 109 Kindred Lore, Rituals, Infernalism, Witches, Noddist Lore
Politics Knowledge VtM, p. 109 City, State, Federal, Bureaucracy, Dogma, Camarilla, Red Tape
Preference Skill VtM, p. 105 Dancing, Singing, Acting, Guitar, Violin, Piano
Professional Skill Skill VtM, p. 107 Suggested Professional Skills: Blacksmith, Cooking, Forgery, Game Playing, Torture
Science Knowledge VtM, p. 109 Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Physics, Astronomy
Stealth Skill VtM, p. 105 Hiding, Silent Movement, Shadowing, Crowds
Streetwise Talent VtM, p. 103 Fencing, Illegal Drugs, Illegal Weapons, Gangs, Locals, Rumors
Subterfuge Talent VtM, p. 103 Seduction, Impeccable Lies, Feigning Mortality, Con
Survival Skill VtM, p. 107 Tracking, Woodlands, Jungle, Street Life, Hunting, Urban Exploration
Technology Knowledge VtM, p. 110 Telecom, Computers, Security, Communications, Improvised Solutions, Industrial Espionage