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Backgrounds represent the advantages characters can receive in game for relationships, circumstances, and opportunities they possess such as material possessions, social networks, etc. Some backgrounds will require templates be fleshed out, or that further explanations be added in the form of notes. Please check each background to check for any additional steps or house rules that may apply.

In some cases with certain backgrounds, characters may “pool” them among groups such as a pack or a coterie. For more information see See “Pooling Backgrounds” below.

A - F

Age, Vampire/Ghoul
Allies, All Spheres
Alternate Identity, All Spheres
Ancestors, Garou
Antecessor, Mortal(s)
Animal Companion, All Spheres
Arcane Cloaking, Hedge Magician Only
Armory, All Spheres
Contacts, All Spheres
Domain, Vampire
Fame, All Spheres
Familiar, Hedge Magician Only
Fetish, Garou/Kinfolk

G - O

Generation, Vampire Only
Grace under Pressure, All Spheres
Guide, Hedge Magician Only
Herd, Vampire Only
Influence, All Spheres
Information Network, Vampire (Nosferatu)
Library, All Spheres
Memento De Morte, Vampire (Giovanni)
Mentor, All Spheres

P - Z

Past Lives, Hedge Magician Only
Pure Breed, Garou/Kinfolk
Resources, All Spheres
Retainer, All Spheres
Rites, Garou/Kinfolk
Spies, All Spheres
Spirit Heritage, Garou/Kinfolk
Spirit Ridden, Hedge Magician Only
Spirit Slaves, Vampire (Giovanni)
Status, All Spheres
Techne, Hedge Magician Only
Totem, Garou
Turf*, Vampire/Garou