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Players should be careful when selecting their attributes, as attributes are more costly and difficult to raise after approval. Raising ones attributes after approval will require RP-backed justifications across a period of time and may not be raised more than (1) level per upgrade event. In some causes, RP can also cause an attribute to be lowered, such as following a permanent injury to a limb (Dexterity or Strength) or disfigurement of the features (Appearance).

CN has done away with the prioritization of Attributes and instead rewards a lump sum of points for players to distribute among their attributes. Attributes all begin at 1 (unless otherwise stated by sphere rules).

  • Point Distribution:
  • Mortals/Mortal+ Receive (13) points
  • Vampire Receive (15) points
  • The Attributes

  • Strength: Represents innate muscle power, used to determine how much they can lift, how far they can leap and how hard they can hit. Strength is used to determine damage for most combat feats.
  • Dexterity: Represents agility, speed, and coordination. This governs their ability to hit marks at a distance as well as physical grace.
  • Stamina: Represents physical toughness, durability, resilience and overall physical health. Used to determine how much physical damage a character can take as well as how quickly they recover from injuries/illness.
  • Charisma: Represents the ability to impress, please and charm through the force of personality. Can be used to win trust, convey feelings like appreciation and sympathy, etc.
  • Manipulation: Represents the ability to convince others to view situations/others in a specific light. Can be used to persuade others, bring temporary obedience, etc.
  • Appearance: Represents the elements of physical appearance. Also represents the strength of attitude and body language that can appeal to others.
  • Perception: Represents the ability to sense one's surrounding environment. This combines senses with natural instinct. Aids in detecting attempts to conceal things, as well as spotting potential ambush attempts.
  • Intelligence: Represents problem-solving and logic abilities, as well as the ability to apply learned logic.
  • Wits: Represents the capacity for quick thinking and the ability to respond quickly using information gathered in immediate surroundings. Governs the ability to identify clever courses of action.
  • About Specialties

    While attributes represent the broad scope of their natural ability, some characters may have more defined aspects of their attributes. The game uses Specialties to represent this refined aspect. Characters who have relevant specialties in an receive a +1 to dice rolled on tasks involving their specialized attribute. Players can purchase specialties experience points after chargen for attributes 3+.

    Characters may have 3 specialty per attribute, but only 1 specialty can be applied to a single roll. Additional specialties cost 3xp.