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Getting your character through CharGen is a rather straight forward process, but sometimes it can help to have a slightly more detailed information source than the games CharGen rooms allow. Below we have a step by step guide for getting mortal characters each step of the application process.

As always, players are welcome to reach out to staff with any questions that they may have concerning their concepts, applications or the game in general. Questions can be @mailed, paged or asked on the games applications channel by typing app (question).
● For questions concerning the games channel system, see Channels Help.

Once a player is ready to begin their application, they should log in an move into the games CharGen.

Below players will find the steps of the games character application process.

CharGen Step Walk-Through
0: Player Info Players will set their registration information.
1: Attributes Players will set their characters attributes.
2: Abilities Players will set their characters abilities.
3: Backgrounds Players will set their characters backgrounds.
4: Virtues Players will set their characters virtues.
5: Freebies Players will set their characters freebies, as well as their merits and flaws.
6: Written Bits Players will set their final details, such as timeline and paper-trail.

Step 0: Player Information

Player information is used to help staff navigate between players and their applications. Please make sure that you pay attention to the information you are setting, and report any mistakes to your staffer. Players can find additional information pertaining to registration by checking out Help Registration, or by typing +Help Registration on the games server.

  • Registration: Players will be asked to create a player ID and register it with an email. This ID is used to help organize and properly identify characters as well as give players access to spending and storing their characters XP. Players are urged not to use fake email addresses, as this email will be used to get access to wiki IDs. Players worried about giving access to their primary email are welcome to make use of free providers such as ymail and gmail. Players are not permitted to have multiple registration IDs.
  • Template Selection: Players will be asked to select their characters template in this room before moving forward into character generation. Templates cannot be changed once a character has moved beyond this room. In the case of a player changing their mind, they will need to reset CG from scratch and return to this room to change their template.
  • Applicable templates are: Mortal, Psychic, Thaumaturge, Ghoul, Vampire.
  • This walk-through is specific to the Mortal Template.
  • Step 1: Setting Attributes

    The next step in character creation is setting the characters Attributes. Attributes are traits that measure a character's innate capabilities. All Mortal characters receive (13) points to spend in this room in addition to the base 1 in each attribute.

    Carpe Noctem has chosen to skip the prioritization of attributes and instead gives players their points in a lump sum to be used as they choose. Also, remember that all attributes begin at 1.

    Please keep in mind...

  • Characters limited to 1 level 1 attribute in this room.
  • Character limited to 1 level 4 attribute in this room.
  • Mortal characters receive (13) attribute points.
  • Additional information on using attributes in the games system, as well as more detailed definitions of individual attributes, can be located in the Vampire the Masquerade Core, on page 96.

    Character Attributes

  • Strength: Represents innate muscle power, used to determine damage for most combat feats.
  • Dexterity: Represents agility, speed, and coordination as well as ability to hit marks at a distance.
  • Stamina: Represents toughness, resilience and determines how much damage a character can take.
  • Charisma: Represents the ability to impress and charm. Is used to win trust and convey feelings.
  • Manipulation: Represents the ability to convince or persuade others, and bring temporary obedience, etc.
  • Appearance: Represents the elements of physical appearance as well as the strength of appeal toward others.
  • Perception: Represents the ability to sense one's surrounding environment. Aids in detecting conceal and ambush attempts.
  • Intelligence: Represents problem-solving and logic abilities, as well as applying learned logic.
  • Wits: Represents quick thinking and the ability to respond information gathered in immediate surroundings.
  • Step 2: Abilities

    In this room players set their characters abilities. Abilities are traits that measure a character's skills, talents and knowledges.

    Like in Attributes, Carpe Noctem has chosen to skip the prioritization of abilities and instead gives players their points in a lump sum to be used as they choose.

    Keep in Mind...

  • No abilities may be raised above 3 during this step.
  • Stats should support the characters concept.
  • Mortal characters receive (22) ability points.
  • Talents

  • Alertness
  • Athletics
  • Awareness
  • Brawl
  • Empathy
  • Expression
  • Intimidation
  • Leadership
  • Streetwise
  • Subterfuge
  • Skills

  • Animal-Ken
  • Crafts
  • Drive
  • Etiquette
  • Firearms
  • Larceny
  • Melee
  • Performance
  • Stealth
  • Survival
  • Knowledges

  • Academics
  • Computer
  • Finance
  • Investigation
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Occult
  • Politics
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Additional information on using abilities in the games system, as well as more detailed definitions of individual abilities, can be located in the Vampire the Masquerade Core, on page 100.

    Step 3: Backgrounds

    In this room players set their characters backgrounds. Backgrounds are traits that represent elements of a characters background life such as connections, allies, and monetary funds or influence. Some backgrounds require additional information such as notes or justifications, while others may require the player to provide information in a template form.

    Please keep in mind...

  • Selected backgrounds must align with the concept.
  • Backgrounds may require additional information.
  • Mortal characters receive (5) background points.
  • Additional information on using backgrounds in the games system, as well as more detailed definitions of individual backgrounds, can be located in the Vampire the Masquerade Core, on page 110.


  • Allies
  • Alternate Identity
  • Contacts
  • Fame
  • Influence
  • Mentor
  • Resources
  • Retainer
  • Status
  • Step 4: Virtues

    In this room players set their Virtues. Virtues represent the characters moral and emotional strength, as well as helps calculate stats such as willpower and humanity. Like in Attributes, characters begin with a 1 free dot in each Virtue.

    Please keep in mind...

  • Humanity is equal to Conscience + Self-Control
  • Willpower is equal to Courage.
  • Mortal characters receive (7) virtue points to spend.
  • Additional information on using virtues in the games system, as well as more detailed definitions of individual virtues, can be located in the Vampire the Masquerade Core, on page 119.


  • Conscience
  • Self-Control
  • Courage
  • Step 5: Freebies

    In this room players spend their Freebies as well as select their Merits and Flaws. Spending freebies allows players to increase previously set stats, buy new stats, increase pools, etc. The costs of spending freebie points are determined by the Freebie Point Chart found to the right.

    Please keep in mind...

  • Characters may only get credit for up to (7) points of flaws.
  • Characters may take no more than (10) points of merits.
  • Characters may have no more than 1 level 4+ attribute.
  • Characters may have more than 1 level 5 ability.
  • Merits & Flaws marked CharGen Only may not be purchased after this room.
  • Mortal characters receive (15) freebie points to spend.
  • Trait Cost
    Attribute 5 per dot
    Ability 2 per dot
    Background 1 per dot
    Virtue 2 per dot
    Humanity 2 per dot
    Willpower 2 per dot
  • Click here for Merits.
  • Click here for Flaws.
  • Additional information on spending freebies in the games system check the Vampire the Masquerade Core, on page 122. Information concerning Merits and Flaws can be found in the Vampire the Masquerade Core as well as the Lore of the Clans. See the merits and flaws lists for specific page numbers.

    Step 6: Written Bits

    This stage of the application process consists of finalizing concept and background. Staff ask that players please be detailed in this portion of CharGen, as vague or unclear timelines and notes will not be accepted. We have provided examples of each section to better help players understand application expectation.

  • Character Timeline: Rather than writing a traditional background, players will be asked to create a Timeline that outlines their characters life over the years, and covers important events and details that have shaped the character into who they are today. Mortal timelines can be understandably simple, and staff understand that. An example of a mortal timeline can be located here.
  • Public Information: There are types of Public Information that players may be asked to set. These are Public, Fame, University, Law, Crime, and Faction (when applicable). All characters, regardless of how new they are to the city, should begin play with, at minimum, a public information entry that outlines the characters general reputation in the city without detailing anything supernatural or secret. These can be as simple as 'Bob is a young mechanic employed down at Bobs Garage.' Naturally there are some characters, such as business owners, local celebrities or longtime city natives, who likely have established more information about themselves over the years. This entry should properly reflect the characters concept.
  • In situations where a character possess additional traits that require additional entries to be set, they will also provide those blurbs. For example, assume that Bob is a local university student who also possesses the Fame background for his connection to a well established and influential family. Bob would need to set a Public blurb, a University blurb, and a Fame blurb. His +PInfo may look something like this:
  • Public Information: Bob is a member of the Smith family. He keeps his head down and stays out of trouble. He is enrolled at Prescott University.
  • University Information: Bob Smith is a freshman at Prescott University. Bob received a full ride to Prescott for his exceptional academic performance. He mostly keeps to himself but he can be seen at the library almost every afternoon.
  • Fame Information: Bob is a member of the well respected Smith family. The family can trace their presence back to the founding of the city. In addition to that many of his relatives have gone on to enjoy influential positions in local government and businesses.
  • In the case where

    In addition to this, players will need to set their characters Public Info and any needed templates or justification notes that the application may require.

    Once a player is pleased with their application, they should submit it. Please remember that the general expected turnaround for applications is 24 to 48 hours. Please do not approach staff about your applications status until after the 48 hour window. Also, please keep in mind that applications are handled in the order in which they are received.